Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Inventory (PNDI)

Effective July 16, 2005 a new online PNDI Environmental Review Tool is available to the public .

The ER tool is a user-friendly interface that enables the public to perform online PNDI searches for potential impacts to special concern species and resources in PA. Anyone including property owners, consultants, project planners and PA DEP or PA CCD staff can access the tool for PNDI project screening.

The District is requesting all PNDI searches be performed before project is submitted to the District for review. A copy of the receipt is needed at time of submission. If "Potential Impacts" are found for the site a clearance or  recommendation letter from the jurisdictional agency(ies)  listed on receipt must be submitted to District before the NPDES permit may be issued.

Web site address:

 on the left tool bar scroll down and click  PNDI Project Planning Environmental Review 

You will need to create a log-in name and password

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