2009 Seed & Seedling Sale

Support conservation and improve wildlife habitat in your backyard!

York County Conservation District

Hosted by York County Parks


Pick up date & time: 

Friday April 17, 2009, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Rocky Ridge County Park

Proceeds are used in York County for education efforts of the district. These include the four Envirothon events, scholarships and other educational programs.

Order Form


Deadline To Order: March 25, 2009

All orders must be pre-paid (seedlings available on a first come basis).


Make checks payable to: YCCD

Send to: York County Conservation District, 118 Pleasant Acres Road York, PA 17402


Orders must be picked up at Rocky Ridge County Park on Friday April 17, 2009 between 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 P.M.

The district is not responsible for seedlings not picked up by 6:00 p.m.. Friday April 17. Call before April 16th if you have a problem with pickup. We reserve the right to substitute a different size seedling for any species pending availability and severe growing conditions. If any one species is sold out, the District will refund payment for those not available.






  • From Mt Zion Rd. (RT 24): Take Mt Zion Rd. North to top of hill, at top of hill turn right to Deininger Rd. Follow this Rd. to Rocky Ridge County Park
  • Coming North or South on I-83 Take exit 9 RT 30 East. Follow Rt 30 East to Mt Zion Road exit, at off ramp turn left onto Mt. Zion Rd. then follow Mt Zion Rd. directions. 
  • Coming East or West on Rt 30 take Mt Zion Rd. exit. At off ramp coming East turn left, if traveling West, turn right onto Mt Zion Rd. then follow Mt Zion Rd. directions. 
  • Coming North on Rt 24 (from Rt 74 follow to Rt 24) follow Rt 24 toward York, go under Rt 30 overpass (you are on Mt Zion Rd.) then follow Mt. Zion Rd. Directions. 
  • Coming from SW area of county or South on Rt 74, take 116 or Rt 74 to Rt 30 then follow Rt 30 and Mt Zion Rd. directions above.


  • Call: 840-7430 or 800-441-2025(ext 7430) between 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday

  • e-mail: yorkccd@yorkccd.org




Canaan Fir -  NEW FOR 2009 - 3 yr. 6-12 Soft, short needles, withstands warm temperatures. Good choice for Christmas trees.

Colorado Blue Spruce - 3 yr. 10"-16" Has blue-green color. Can grow to 50-75 feet. Popular Christmas tree. Grows to 6 feet in 10-12 years.


White Pine - Native species, 3 yr. 12"-18" Has soft, long needles, grows rapidly in a variety of soils and prefers sun. Grows to 6 feet in 8-11 years.

Douglas Fir - 3 yr. 14"-20" Grows best in moist, well-drained soils. Does not do well in heavy, wet, clay soils. Popular Christmas tree. Grows to 6 feet in 9-10 years.

Eastern Red Cedar - Native species, 3 yr. 10"-20" Dense pyramidal evergreen growing to 40 to 50 ft.  Spread 8-20 ft.  medium green needles are flat and scale-like.  Does well in poor gravelly soils.  Used for evergreen screen or hedge.

Eastern Red Cedar

Deciduous Trees


Buttonbush  -  NEW FOR 2009  Native species, 3 yr. 10-20  Grows to 30 feet.  A shrub or small tree that gets its name from its fragrant ball like clusters of white flowers which bloom May-August. A good source of nectar for butterflies. Does well in swampy conditions.



Gray Dogwood - Native species, 2 yr. 10"-24" Grows to 15 feet. Dense foliage turns purple in the fall. Numerous small white flower clusters bloom in mid June giving way to small white berries. Grows well in average soil. Very good for erosion prone areas. Wet tolerant. 

Winterberry Holly - Native species, 2 yr. 10"-24" Mature height and spread of 6 to 12 feet. Female plants produce bright red berries which can last all winter long. Likes acidic soils, will tolerate wet, swampy conditions.

American Cranberry - Native species, 2 yr. 10"-20" Deciduous shrub, growing 8-12 feet with a spread to 4 feet. Has clusters of white flowers in May. Bush Viburnum Has scarlet berries from mid-summer through winter that provide food for birds. People make jelly from the berries. A good screening, background plant, spaced four feet apart. Full or half day sun.

White Oak - Native species, 3 yr. 5"-12" Excellent for wildlife food, shade and firewood. Dense foliage is bluish-green, to reddish-brown in fall. They have a high resistance to ice breakage and oak wilt. Also good tolerance to highway salt. Can grow 80-100 feet tall.


Paper Birch  - NEW FOR 2009  N, 3 yr 20-40  Medium-sized deciduous tree reaching 45 ft tall.  Adapts to most   soil conditions, but does best in well drained, moist acidic soils.  The bark is white and autumn leaf color clear   yellow. Wildlife and butterflies consider the leaves and bark an important dietary component.



Yellow Delicious  Semi-dwarf - 2 yr. 3-4 Medium large uniformly conical in shape. Yellow color with firm crisp juicy white flesh. Excellent for eating, baking, Semi-Dwarf Apple sauce. Bears young and requires thinning. Excellent pollinator.

Royal Gala   Semi-Dwarf - 2 yr. 3'-4' Medium size apple with sweet firm flesh. Delicious fresh, in a desert or makes excellent applesauce. 

Bluecrop Blueberry & Patriot Blueberry 

NEW FOR 2009  One of each variety. 2-3 yr plants 12-18 inches Both varieties offered are proven producers of large, high-quality fruit from early to late July and packed full of rich flavor. Plants are disease and root rot resistant and tolerate a variety of soil conditions.  Blueberries belong in every home garden! Not only do they produce deliciously sweet and healthful fruits, the 4 to 6 foot shrubs also make handsome landscape plants. Once established, blueberries need little care or attention.


Navajo Blackberry     NEW FOR 2009  

Three plants per packet. 2 yr plants, 14-18 Popular thornless variety and can produce a large crop of sweet blackberries great in pies, jams or fresh picked. Unpicked berries are a favorite for songbirds and  woodland critters. Tolerates both heat and cold, but will produce best harvests when planted in full sun.

Ground Cover & Deer Repellent

Pachysandra - 2 year Evergreen ground cover. Perfect for dense shade. Grows six to 12 inches, spreading indefinitely. Plantings should be Terminals spaced six to ten inches apart. Hardy.

Deer Repellent           

 A ready to use 32 oz. sprayer bottle of a unique blend of organic ingredients proven to repel deer, rabbits and other foraging wildlife without harming them.  A single application lasts from 60 to 90 days and allows new and or damaged growth to regain vigor and beauty naturally.




Planting survival rates of bare-root seedlings vary from site to site, from excellent to poor. We strive to provide the most viable seedlings. All efforts are made to prevent root stress. 

The conservation district will NOT ensure successful planting of bare-root seedlings, just as our suppliers will not ensure seedling survival.  The district is not responsible for mistakes made by the suppliers of our seedling stock.

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