Could you guess the populations of York County in the year 1800? In 1900? How about now? For hundreds of years, the beauty and economic vitality of our county made it a great place to live for those 25,000 people at the start of the 19th century and the approximately 135,000 one hundred years later. Those early settlers gave little thought to how their acows_in_pasturectivities would affect us today. At over 400,000 strong we now recognize our impact on the county’s future.

It took a dedicated group of individuals with drive and a vision to transform this part of PennsWoods into the diverse and complex landscape we know today. Who will be the future visionaries in what may very well be our post crude-oil era? What roll will you have? Will you simply be along for the ride or actively engaged in conservation?

As we enter the second decade of the twenty-fist century, we hope you will join us to conserve our uncommon wealth of natural resources.  Our local forests, croplands, wildlife & watersheds are essential to the health and vitality of York County. These resources are key to what makes York County good. Making preservation our priority will make us great.

Whether you farm the land or build homes; teach others or work in the service industry; build motorcycles or create military machinery, your choices and lifestyle will largely determine what energy sources we use, how much green space is left, and what quality of life is available for generations to come.

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