Middle School and 5th & 6th Grades Envirothons Coaches Manual, Registration Forms and Study Resources:













2017 Coaches Manual Middle School and 5th & 6th Grades

Updated 2017 Study Session details for Coach Manual 5-8

Middle School and 5th & 6th Grades Team Registration Form

Middle School and 5th & 6th Grades Student Registration Form













2017 Aquatic Resource List         What is a Reptile               What is an Amphibian

Smart Angler’s Notebook Dragons Damsels
Smart Angler’s Notebook Water Walkers

Allegheny Creek Connections   Macroinvertebrate

Ponds and Lakes What is a Pond What Makes a Lake

PLAY Spring 2008 Sci-Fi in the Real World; Beware of Hitchhikers; Stop the Invaders

PA’s Water Invaders

PA’s 10 Least Wanted

PLAY Winter 2014 Where Do They Go in Winter

NON-TESTING Resources: Key to Macroinvertebrates     ENA or ELPA



USE THIS – 2017 CI-Conservation in Your Life



Forestry Resource Cover sheet 5th – 8th Grades      10 Tree Identification Basics

Summer Key for PA Trees    Leaf Characteristics

From The Forest    Hardwood Lumber

Incredible Wood    Maple Syrup – A Taste of Nature

Paper!     People And Trees

The Right Chemistry     The Forester’s Job

Harvesting Trees

Black Cherry    Black Walnut    Black Willow

Eastern Hemlock   Eastern Red Cedar    Eastern White Pine

Hickory Species    Red Oak    Sassafras

Sugar Maple    Sweet Birch    White Ash



2017 Wildlife Resources Cover sheet for 5th – 8th Grades  About The Pennsylvania Game Commission  Hunter Trapper Education Program

Opossums pgs 5-7    Bats all pages, Little Brown Bat, Big Brown Bat      Rabbits & Hares all pages

Mice, Voles, Lemmings -all pages, House Mouse, Meadow Vole, White-footed Mouse    Woodchuck all pages     Squirrels all pages – Southern Flying Squirrel, Gray Squirrel

Skull Study Sheets     raccoon skull    deer skull-doe     deer skull-buck    big brown bat skull    woodchuck skull

Raccoons all pages     White-tailed Deer all pages

Vultures all pages    Swans & Geese – Canada Geese     Owls – all pages, Barred, Screech & Great Horned Owls

Thrushes – all pages – American Robin, Eastern Bluebird