Seedling Descriptions

Colorado Blue Spruce, Picea pungens glauca. 4 yr. 7”-14” Has blue-green color. Prickly texture and strong aroma render them conveniently deer-resistant. Grows to 6 feet in 10-12 years.     10 per packet


White Pine Native species, Pinus  strobus.  4 yr. 10”-20”  Has soft, long needles. Grows rapidly in a variety of soils and prefers sun. Grows to 6 feet in 8-11 years.   10 per packet


Canadian Hemlock, Native  species, Tsuga canadensis.  4 yr. 12”-16” Flat,  prickly needles are 3/4 inch in length. Best in cool, moist soils. Has pyramidal crown. Grows to 6 feet in 10-12 years. Can be pruned as a hedge. PA State Tree!     5 per packet


Fraser Fir, Abies fraseri. 4 yr. 6”-12” Mild fragranced, conical shape, strong limbed. Its ability to retain its soft needles has made the Fraser Fir one of the most popular Christmas trees. Grows to 6 feet in  6-7 years.    10 per packet


Sugar Maple, Native species, Acer saccharum. 2 yr. 7”-14” Has beautiful fall colors of yellow, red and orange. The outline is upright and oval. Excellent ornamental tree for large open area. Height at maturity  is 60 to 70 feet.       5 per packet


Chinkapin Oak, Native species, Quercus muehlenbergii. 1 yr. 12”-18” Member of the White Oak family known for its distinctive leaves and sweet and palatable acorns. Best in well drained soils and full sun. Grows to 40 to 50 feet at maturity.         5 per packet


Dogwood – White Flowering, Cornus florida., 2 yr. 10”- 24” Beautiful native tree features clusters of white flowers in the spring and scarlet autumn foliage. Grows well in rich, well-drained acidic soil with full sun to partial shade. Grows to 30 feet at maturity.         5 per packet



Persimmon, Native species, Diospyros virginiana. 1 yr. 12-18” The glossy leathery leaves make this a nice one for the landscape.  Mature trees stand 35-50 feet and the late autumn yellow to orange fruits are enjoyed by people as well as many species of wildlife.    5 per packet


Serviceberry (Allegheny), Native species, Amelanchier laevis. 1 yr. 12”-18” Small native tree for all seasons with beautiful clusters of white flowers in the spring followed by delicious edible berries in the summer. 15-30 feet  mature height with 10-15 foot spread.   5 per packet


Redbud, Native species, Cercis canadensis, 2 yr. 9”-18”  This small tree grows to 15-30’ tall, and is prized for its bright rose-colored flowers in early spring.  Has large, dark green, heart-shaped leaves.     5 per packet


White Oak, Native species, Quercus alba, 1 yr. 12”-18” Excellent for wildlife food, shade and firewood. Dense foliage is bluish-green, to reddish-brown in fall. High resistance to ice breakage and oak wilt. Can grow to 80-100 feet tall.       5 per packet


Winterberry, Native species, IIex verticillata. 1 yr. 6”-12” Female plants produce bright red berries, a bird favorite, which can last all winter long. Likes acidic soils, will tolerate wet, swampy conditions. Deer resistant.  Mature height and spread of 6 to 12 feet.     5 per packet


Honeycrisp Apple  5-6 foot bare root      Popular variety with fruit that is mottled red over yellow. This crisp, juicy, sweet  apple has an excellent flavor. Honeycrisp is one of the most hardy trees, and grows to 12’-15’ tall. Limited quantity—remaining will be filled with Pink Lady apple trees.


Redhaven Peach 4-5 foot bare root Medium-sized, freestone  peach with attractive red-blushed skin. The yellow, firm flesh has a smooth texture, and is moderately juicy with excellent flavor. Soft when canned or frozen.   Midseason harvest.


Blueberry. 2 yr, 1 liter pot, 12”-18” One each of the following types: Blue Crop –  Bears sweet large fruit mid- July. Wonderful  ornamental value. Blue Gold – Late June harvest. Versatile shrub with excellent ornamental value. 



Blackberry  2 yr. bare root 14”-18” One each of the following types: Arapaho – Earliest ripening thornless variety and Navaho (Thornless) – Produces very large sweet berries.  Both grow to 4-8 feet and do not require trellising.


Pachysandra Terminals.  2 yr. Evergreen ground cover. Perfect for dense shade. Grows  6”-12”, spreading indefinitely. Plantings should be spaced 6”- 10” apart. Hardy.        100 terminals per flat


Sedum  – Dragon’s Blood  Sedum spurium. 2 yr. Red-margined, green leaves become brilliantly red with cool autumn temperatures. A superb groundcover, border or rock garden subject.                50 terminals per flat