Responding to an alarming trend of the loss of trees in Pennsylvania’s metropolitan areas, TreeVitalize is a public-private partnership to help restore tree cover, educate citizens about planting trees as an act of caring for our environment, and build capacity among local governments to understand, protect and restore their urban trees.

Launched in 2004 in southeastern Pennsylvania, TreeVitalize already has achieved its goal of planting 20,000 trees in that five-county region. In spring 2008, TreeVitalize expanded to the Pittsburgh region; by the end of 2009, it was launched in metropolitan areas statewide

Tree-lined streets make communities look great, and they also clean the air, provide shade to cool buildings and paved areas, increase property values and help control stormwater.

With its expansion statewide, TreeVitalize hopes to plant one million trees across the Commonwealth in the next five years.

Quick Grant Facts:

Application Deadlines: March 1st and September 1st of each calendar year

Please submit your TreeVitalize Metros Sub-Grant Application to York County Conservation District, your Metro Partner for York County.

Eligible Grant Applicants:

TreeVitalize Metros Sub Grant is available to Municipalities and or Municipal agencies located in the TreeVitalize Metros Areas.

The maximum grant that will be awarded to a municipality in any one year is $15,000. In addition, no more than $150 per tree will be awarded in grant funds. For example, for a project that will plant 100 trees, no more than $15,000 will be awarded per year.

A dollar for dollar match is required, of which at least 25% must be cash match AND at least 25% must be volunteer in-kind contributions

Projects MUST be completed within 1 planting season

Tree Tender Training Workshops First time applicants must have four (4) representative attend a Tree Tender training Communities having receiving one or more previous grants must meet the four (4) trained Tree Tenders requirement plus one (1) new representative.

They may attend either a Tree Tender workshop or attend a Community Tree Management Institute

Completed & approved planting plan is needed with application

TreeVitalize Metros Grant Application:

2012 Sub Grant Application

2012 Sub Grant Guidelines

2012 Acceptable Tree Species

2012 Metro Areas Map

2012 Electric Utility Forester Contacts

2012 Metro Partner Contacts


Links for additional information and forms:

DCNR TreeVitalize Site