Assisting farmers and landowners to protect one of their most valuable resources has been the cornerstone of the Conservation District’s Ag Resource Program since its inception. Saving topsoil and managing nutrient run-off to protect water quality continues to be the focus of our efforts. These preservation efforts benefit farmers as well as all county residents. Conservation planning plays a major role in the water quality of our local streams & rivers, ultimately affecting the quality of the Chesapeake Bay. Because of the far-reaching effects of local farm practices, our farmers are being asked to develop and implement conservation and nutrient management plans and install Best Management Practices (BMPs), and they look to the Conservation District and our U.S.D.A. partners to assist them in this effort. Interest in conservation plans is so strong that current requests for assistance exceed the capacity of the District Ag staff, resulting in a backlog of work. Our challenge will be to obtain the resources necessary to assist our local agricultural community in their efforts to keep York County’s farming heritage healthy and growing sustainably.

Cooperator Form to request District Assistance

(Can be eletronically filled out and printed or printed and filled out by hand, then sign and return to the District for Board approval.)

Blair County Conservation District has developed an informative video called “On the Farm, In the Barn, By the Stream” Overview of Chapter 102 & 91 for Pennsylvania Farmers

Available Resources

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