Agricultural Compliance

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Did you know that all agricultural landowners and operators in Pennsylvania are required by law to have Ag Erosion and Sediment Control plans and/or Manure Management Plans?

Did you know that these plans need to be current and accurate and be implemented for you to be in compliance with the Pennsylvania Clean Streams Law?

These laws have been on the books in PA since the mid 1970’s but were recently updated in 2010 and 2011. Since the summer of 2011 the Conservation District has been conducting on farm and in meeting outreach and educational efforts to inform landowners and operators of their responsibilities with respect to these regulations.

The Time is Now

agricultural compliance

Ag Education and Outreach Fact Sheet 7-25-17

Ag Education and Outreach Fact Sheet 7-25-17

York County Conservation District (YCCD) Office: 717-840-7430

YCCD Agricultural Staff: 717-755-2966

  • Mark Flaharty x106
  • Michele Grove x107
  • Joe Rebert x134
  • Brita Runkle x133

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) York Service Center: 717-755-2966 x3

For Conservation Planning Assistance a COOPERATOR FORM will need to be filled out and mailed to the Conservation District. This can be found on the YCCD website at Click on the Agriculture tab on the top menu bar and select “Cooperator Form” to request District assistance.

The Conservation District mailing address is 118 Pleasant Acres Road, York, PA 17402

If you are interested in using a private consultant to develop your Ag E&S/conservation plan or your manure management/nutrient management plan, the following websites can be accessed for names and contact information.

For certified conservation planners access the USDA-NRCS website at http.// click through to find list of planners for your area.

Then click on Nutrient Management, then NM Certified Specialist search.


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Department of Environmental Protection

Visit the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) website at for information on:

  • The Clean Streams Law
    • Chapter 102 – Erosion and Sediment Control
    • Chapter 91 – Manure Management RegulationsGeneral Permits for stream and wetland impacts
  • Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO)
  • Manure Management Manual: Go to: “DEP Programs A to Z”, select “Manure Management”, click on the words “Manure Management” (by picture of manure spreader),
  • Open “DEP’s Manure Management Manual”

Visit the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) website at for information on:

  • Act 38, Pennsylvania state nutrient management law
  • Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) program

Visit the Penn State Cooperative Extension website at for educational materials and upcoming events & training related to cover crops, no-till, nutrient management as well as spreader calibration.