Envirothon 2021

2021 Virtual Competition Dates:

Senior High Envirothon: 9:00AM Tuesday, April 27th – 4:00PM Wednesday, April 28th
Middle School Envirothon: 9:00AM Tuesday, May 4th – 4:00PM Thursday, May 6th
5th & 6th Grades Envirothon: 9:00AM Wednesday, May 5th – 4:00PM Friday, May 7th
3rd & 4th Grades Envirothon: 9:00AM Tuesday, May 11th – 4:00PM Thursday, May 13th

Teams will have an opportunity to complete tests during testing windows. The multi-day windows allow teams to choose when is the best time to get together to complete the station tests. Test will be completed virtually via Google Forms quizzes, and the test links and instructions will be sent to all REGISTERED teams the first morning of the respective testing window. All station tests do not need to be completed back-to-back at the same time. Once a specific station test is opened, however, a team will have limited time to complete that test.

Students are permitted to collaborate virtually via Zoom or other platform.

This is NOT an open book test.

Students will receive their Envirothon t-shirts prior to the start of the testing windows.

2021 Study Resources are the same as 2020.


What is the Envirothon?

Envirothon – Take the Challenge


For more information on the York County Envirothon contact Michael McKelvey at mmckelvey@yorkccd.org or 717-840-7430.

*Thank you to Lee Irwin & Aquatic Resource Restoration Company: Our First Bald Eagle Platinum Level Sponsor!

Our 2021 Sponsorship Drive is underway. We thank all or our current sponsors. There is still time to “Accept the Challenge.” Please see our Sponsor Letter and Sponsor Form.

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