Senior High Envirothon

Welcome to the 2023 Senior High York County Envirothon!

Please complete the following steps to participate in the 2023 Envirothon:

  1. Register Your School by December 2
  2. Register Your Team(s) & Order T-Shirts by March 3
  3. Register Your Students the morning of the competition

senior aquatics graders2


Senior High Competition

Date: Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Location: John C. Rudy County Park

Senior High Study Resources

Senior High Study Resources provided by the Pennsylvania Envirothon.

Aquatics 2023

Soils and Land Use 2023

Team Registration

Please submit one team registration form for each participating team. Each participating student and one coach per team will receive a free T-shirt. Extra T-shirts can be ordered and paid for directly through the Team Registration Form.

Team Registration Deadline: March 3, 2023 (NOW CLOSED)

Please submit the form below to register your team(s) for the 2023 York County Envirothon.


Coach’s Manual

How to Coach an Envirothon Team

Click below to learn everything you need to know to successfully coach a Senior High Envirothon team!

Senior High Coach’s Manual

Study Session Registration

Participate in an Envirothon study session to help your team prepare for the Envirothon competition.

Senior High Study Session Dates:

  • Wednesday, March 22 (4:30-7:30PM) – Aquatics & Current Issue
  • Thursday, March 23 (4:30-7:30PM) – Forestry, Soils, & Wildlife


  • York County Conservation District: 2401 Pleasant Valley Road, York, PA 17402


  • Your students will rotate through 3 activity stations. Five minutes between rotations is scheduled for using restrooms or eating snacks.
  • Students must be supervised by coaches or school-approved chaperones at all times. Please inform parents or guardians to deliver their student directly to their coach or chaperone in the front lobby and pick up their student directly from their coach or chaperone in the front lobby. Do not drop a child off outside, send them in alone, or instruct them to exit the building to leave unless directly accompanied by a parent, guardian, coach, or chaperone.
  • Parents and siblings should not attend.
  • Teams may arrive up to 15 minutes early to check-in and get to your first station location. Please report how many students are attending from your group when you check-in.
  • Students and coaches are welcome to bring a snack. Please advise students to bring non-disruptive snacks.

Deadline to Register: March 17 (NOW CLOSED)

Senior High Competition Photos

Thanks for participating in the 2023 Senior High Envirothon!

Please see below photos from the event.

How to Download your Team Photos:

  1. Click on your team photo to expand the image.
  2. Once you are viewing the expanded image, right click the image.
  3. Select “Save image as” to download the image and save it to your computer.