The Problem

From the enactment of the Pennsylvania Floodplain Management Act (Act 166 of 1978), floodplain monitoring has traditionally been the responsibility of the Department of Community & Economic Development (or its predecessor, Department of Community Affairs, DCA).  Act 166 requires that a municipality enact and enforce an ordinance to meet the requirements of the Pennsylvania Floodplain Management Act and the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  DCA was able to manage this program until 1994 when the Department was reorganized into the Department of Community & Economic Development.  The staff that handled floodplain management was then reduced 75%, which made it impossible for DCED to provide guidance and technical support to municipalities as they had previously.

The Solution

For that reason, in 1997 DCED entered into an agreement with the PA Association of Conservation Districts (PACD) to provide the services that DCA had previously provided to municipalities.  To date, approximately 30 conservation districts have participated, at different points in time.

The York County Conservation District does not currently have any duties and responsibilities under this program, nor does it have any enforcement responsibilities.

For more information about Floodplain Management, contact your local municipality or the York County Planning Commission.