Exelon Habitat Improvement Program

A Funding Opportunity for Farmers and Landowners!

The Exelon Habitat Improvement Program (EXHIP) receives it’s funding as a condition of the Water Quality Certification at Exelon’s Muddy Run Pumped Storage hydroelectric project. Through 2030, Exelon hopes to enhance the environmental integrity of York County while also strengthening local community relationships and helping the York County Conservation District to help Pennsylvania meet the commitment to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.


Stream Restoration – Before

Stream Restoration – After

Wetland Project – After

Riparian Buffer Planting – After

How the EXHIP Program Works

  • Grant applications are accepted on a continual basis, but will be ranked annually in October.
  • The applicant must be the landowner, or have written permission from the landowner, and be a District cooperator.
  • The applicant must have a current Agricultural Erosion & Sediment Control/Conservation Plan or Manure Management Plan if agricultural BMPs are proposed.
  • Conceptual plans and designs are required at the time of application submittal.  Photos upstream and downstream showing the overall site conditions should also be provided with the application.
  • $71,250 is the maximum project funding.  A project may include multiple practices.
  • A pre-application meeting must be held onsite with a representative from the District prior to submittal of the application.
  • Applications are received continuously with project ranking occurring annually, or as needed, pending funding availability.  Refer to the District webpage for status of application deadlines.
  • Applications for funding must be approved by the PA Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP).
  • The application and contract agreement will be approved by the District Board.
  • All necessary local, state, and federal permits and approvals must be obtained before the installation of practices may begin.

Priority Ag BMPs:

  • Forested stream buffers (Priority)
  • Wetlands creation (Priority)
  • Barnyard BMPs
  • Pasture BMPs
  • Field BMPs
  • Stream restoration

Priority Watershed BMPs:

  • Forested stream buffers (Priority)
  • Wetlands creation (Priority)
  • Riparian buffer maintenance
  • Stream restoration and maintenance
  • In-stream habitat improvement and maintenance


For more information about the Exelon Habitat Improvement Program, contact the District at (717)840-7430.

Mail Applications to:

York County Conservation District, 2401 Pleasant Valley Road, Suite #101, Room 139, York, PA 17402.