What is the HELP-Streams Cost Share Program?

The Headwaters Environmental Legacy Program (HELP)-Streams financially assists non-agricultural landowners with stream rehabilitation, bank protection, and gravel bar removal projects.

How much financial assistance is available?

The cost share eligibility is dependent on in-kind services, eligible expenses (project materials and equipment) and total project value

The maximum cost share amount cannot be over 75% of the design estimates and/or quotes of $5,000 or less.

Landowner Requirements

The landowner is responsible for the remained of the total cost once the cost share value is determined. The landowner is responsible for implementing the project with or without a subcontractor and must comply with the terms and conditions of the general permit required by the Department of Environmental Protection. The landowner is obligated to maintain the stream restoration project for five years after the project completion date.


HELP-Streams Project Before

HELP-Streams Project After


For more information about HELP-Streams technical assistance, contact the District at (717)840-7430.