Watersheds & Wetland Education

Our Mission

The mission of the York County Conservation District is to focus on the stewardship of land, water, and other natural resources. The District administers and participates in a variety of programs to protect and promote the wise use of natural resources.

What We Offer

The programs in this guide are available to York County students and residents. All of the programs are designed to address the PA Department of Education Environment and Ecology Standards including:

  • 4.1 Watersheds and Wetlands
  • 4.2 Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources
  • 4.3 Environmental Health
  • 4.4 Agriculture and Society
  • 4.5 Integrated Pest Management
  • 4.6 Ecosystems and their Interactions
  • 4.7 Threatened, Endangered and Extinct Species
  • 4.8 Humans and the Environment
  • 4.9 Environmental Laws and Regulations

All of the programs above are specifically designed for grades 4, 7, 10, and 12. Each program can be individually tailored to meet your needs. If you do not see a topic in the guide that you would like offered, please contact the Watershed Specialist below to discuss the possibility of creating a program.


Program Scheduling

To schedule a program, contact the Watershed Specialist below. Unless special arrangements are made, programs are offered Monday through Friday, 8 AM – 4 PM. Before writing or calling, please have several dates and times in mind. Please notify us immediately to postpone or cancel the program.

Program Costs

A nominal donation of $35 per hour is requested which assists with program development and delivery. Special half-day (3 hours) and full-day (6 hours) program rates are $100 and $180, respectively. Additional fees for special materials needs/purchases on a case-by-case basis.

For more information about and/or to schedule your Watersheds & Wetlands Programs, contact Emily Neideigh, Watershed Specialist, at 717-840-7430 or e-mail eneideigh@yorkccd.org.