Cover Crop Funding

Cover Crop Funding to Farmers

The Cover Crop Program is now available through the York County Conservation District (YCCD).

The Cover Crop Program provides cost-share funding for planting cover crops in York County.

Cover Crop Program Overview

  • Applicant must have Current Agriculture Erosion & Sedimentation/Conservation Plan for the farms/acres to be funded.
  • Single species cover crop will be paid a flat rate of $40/acre, multi-species cover crop will be $55/acre.
  • Applications must be submitted by September 15.
  • Multi-species (at least 1 grass AND 1 broadleaf) must be planted by November 1. Single species (small grain) must be planted by November 15.
  • Cover Crops must be maintained until March 15 and cannot be used as forage or harvested¬†for grain.
  • Acreage cannot be dual-enrolled with other cover crop funding sources.

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Cover Crop

Cover Crop Program Application

Applications for the Cover Crop Program must be submitted through the Conservation District.

Deadline to Apply: September 15

How to Apply for Cover Crop Program 2024-2025 Cover Crop Program Application

Questions about the Cover Crop Program

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