Cover Crop Funding

Cover Crop Funding to Farmers

The Cover Crop ProgramĀ is now available through the York County Conservation District. (YCCD).

The Cover Crop Program provides cost-share funding for planting cover crops in York County.

Requirements for Cover Crop Program

  • Cover Crop applications will be accepted for the 2023-24 growing season. Single year agreements.
  • Applicant must have Current Agriculture Erosion & Sedimentation/Conservation Plan for the farms/acres to be funded.
  • No maximum amount of acres or dollars per applicant.
  • Maps including fields and acreage of where cover crops are to be planted must be supplied with application.
  • Single species cover crop will be paid a flat rate of $35/acre, multi-species cover crop will be $50/acre.
  • Cover Crops must be planted/established by November 1.
  • Cover Crops must be maintained until March 15.
  • Cover Crops that winter kill must provide at least 25% cover in order to be eligible for payment.
  • Cover Crops may not be used as forage or harvested for grain.
  • Field and maintenance verification will be performed by the conservation district staff before the final payment.
  • All seed purchased for cover crop must be tested and properly labeled in accordance with the PA Seed Law and Regulations. If the grower elects to use home-grown seed, it must be tested for purity, germination, and absence of noxious weeds by a recognized seed laboratory prior to seeding.
  • If manure or nutrients are applied onto the cover crop, it must be consistent with a current Nutrient Management Plan or Manure Management Plan.
  • Applications must be submitted by September 15. Final contracts approved by the October Board meeting. Applications and contracts can be approved by the District at the same meeting.

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Cover Crop

Application for Cover Crop Program

Applications for the Cover Crop Program must be submitted through the Conservation District.

The 2023 Cover Crop Program application window is now closed.

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